To Marie / Aan marie 
2021 -  in progress
Series of A5 papers in plastic sleaves with paper tape. 

On July 10th, 2021, I received the most peculiar birthday gift I could have imagined. At midnight, my roommate handed me a plant and very proudly announced it was the plant of the mother of Jef Geys. After the first shock of owning a plant that has passed through the hands ofan artists who has been very important to my own artistic practice so far, Jef Geys, I started thinking about the mother of Geys and logging her plant. Curious where it could take me, I followed its lead.

Spending a lot of time with the plant and its naming created a series of questions about the status of women, the position of the plant within our culture and society, its link to social class or nature, and what the right name for it could be. The project tells a story about an ordinary plant and ordinary people.How does a collective memorie create miscommunications? And what happens when it doesn’ matter what your real name is, when others call you differently?

The project contains a series of A5 plastic cases containing pictures, text, photocopies, screenshots of conversations. This form of presentation refers to the work of Jef Geys, his archiving and presenting collections, notes and work over the years. It is connected to a wall or glass window by paper tape and numbered from left to right.

The project keeps growing as long as the plant lives.

drawings project proposal vitrine Raad VGC 



Frist draft Exhibition REMENISCENCES, GC De Zeyp.