Work:  Project B
Date: 2018
Medium: 1000 pieces of newspaper articles covering the European migration "crisis"

Starting from 2015 the media was overflown by reports on the minions of migrants, fleeing from war, finding their way to Europe in search of a safe and better life. lots of these reports spoke of a crisis, a problem: the migration problem. It created an image of fear, threat and inhospitality. The refugees themselves got dehumanised in the process.

Project B is a conversational work in which passers-by or visitors are invited to a small table. On this table, they find a pile of square-cut newspaper articles on the migration subject. The articles are transformed into small origami birds.

According to Japanese tradition, 1000 origami Crain birds are folded by a husband and wife to be, the process of the folding will ensure a successful marriage. The tradition extends to the health of a sick person and since the end of the Second World War, the tradition of folding 1000 Crain birds is also associated with the process of peace.

Therefore the passers-by are invited to participate in the process of transforming 1000 newspaper articles into 1000 origami Crain Birds while entering into a conversation on the dehumanisation process refugees undertake when they leave their country.

Draft II December 2019, Muntpunt Brussel. (i.s.m. Citizenne)

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                                                                                                              © Benedicte Serroen

Draft I Oktober 2018, De Kotroute Gent, Amusee Vous