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2019-2021        Master Fine Arts,  Luca school of arts, Brussels
2015-2018        Bachelor Social cultural work, Erasmushogeschool Brussel, Brussels
2012-2016        Bachelor Fine Arts, Luca School of Arts Brussels

Prizes and Funding

2022       VGC Kunsten, Project funding - MOTA 014-015 Nomadic converstaions
2022       VGC Kunsten, Project funding - À Ma Chère Arrière Arrière Petite Fille
2022       Circuit - residency program VGC, Brussels
2022       VGC Kunsten, Project funding - MOTA 011-013 Nomadic conversations
2022       Arts in Society Award, Demos,  Cera - À Ma Chère Arrière Arrière Petite Fille
2021        The Boghossian Foundation Prize Belgium - The Classroom

Exhibitions & Presentations

  • AAC #12 (Art Au Centre, Liège),  Groupexhibition, Liège
  • Spring Refuge II - Radical_Hope, Buda, Kortrijk 
  • DIP Talk, LUCA School of arts, Brussels
  • Spring Refuge - Radical_Hope, De Markten, Brussels 
  • MOTA 015 The Art of Economy, The Green Corridor, Brussels 

  • On and Off the Clock, Duo exhibition, SB34 The Pool, Brussels 
  • MOTA 014 Amongst Generations, Nomadic Conversation, Decoratelier, Brussels 
  • Unplugged!, Groupexhibition by Radical House, Demos and Cera, GC Elzenhof, Brussels
  • Open Studios, SB34 Clovis, Brussels 
  • To Marie / Aan marie, Vitrine Raad VGC, Brussels
  • À Ma Chère Arrière Arrière Petite Fille, pesentation moment, SB34 - The Pool, Brussels
  • MOTA 013 Routine Order, Nomadic converdation, LaVallée, Brussels
  • REMINISCENCES, Groupexhibition, De Zeyp, Brussels
  • MOTA 012: Acute and Alternative, Nomadic conversation. Artist Commons, Brussels
  • MOTA 011: Serious Laughter, Nomadic conversation. N0dine, Brussels


  • MOTA 007 Under construction, Nomadic conversation. De Markten, Brussels
  • Summer residency VGC, GC Nekkersdal, Brussels

  • SALON#6 Reenactment/Canon, Nomadic conversation. N0dine, Brussels
  • Project B: Draft 2, Performace installation presented within Empathy festival - Citizenne at Muntpunt, Brussels
  • SALON#5 (De)constructing memory, Nomadic conversation. Atelier Kito, Brussels
  • SALON#4 Propositions beyond democracy, Nomadic conversation. Zinnema, Brussels
  • SALON#3 Alternative Ways of Production, Nomadic conversation. Tropicana, Brussels
  • SALON#2 The Body Talking and Writing Nomadic conversation. Workspacebrussels, Brussels
  • SALON#1 Why We Keep Doing It, Nomadic conversation. Workspacebrussels, Brussels


Liselore Vandeput, (based in Brussels) graduated from the MA program at LUCA School of Arts in 2021 after finishing a BA in social work. Her artistic practice and work as a social worker have ever since collided together and challenged each other in different forms and projects, creating spaces for questioning, reflecting and connecting different community issues and their relationship to larger stories. These spaces take different forms. For her graduation project, Liselore rebuild a classroom based on a memory of 2005 to be able to depict the different power dynamics of a memory. With À Ma Chère Arrière Arrière Petite Fille (2022) she invited 11 women of the social housing neighbourhood Peterbos to tell the stories of her mothers and grandmothers within the digital space Liselore created to do her own research on her female family history. In December of 2022, she exhibited together with Inga Gerner Nielsen (DK) at SB34 The Pool with her work The Artist Travel Agency in which she questions the economic conditions of the artist’s work and leisure time. For the groupshow Art au Centre #12 in the summer of 2023 Liselore Vandeput showed the project Aan Marie/To Marie (2021- ongoing). The project started from a birthday present, a plant that ones belonged to Marie Geys. Which took her on a journey exploring of human stories and connecting urban panthers. She is also part and founding member of MOTA 000 since 2019 Together with Eszter Nemethi and Julia Rubies, an artist collective that creates nomadic conversations on artist questions to connect artists from different disciplines on common topics within their artistic practices. In 2023 she joined the Radical_Hope team with Heike Langsdorf, Simone Basani and Alice Ciresola and has been part of the project Post Pandemics.