Liselore Vandeput is an artist and social educator based in Brussels. She works with installation and spaces. Using them as tools to organise and understand social and political environments.                        


2019-2021    Master Fine Arts,  Luca school of arts, Brussels
2015-2018     Bachelor Social cultural work, Erasmushogeschool Brussel, Brussels
2012-2016     Bachelor Fine Arts, Luca School of Arts Brussels

2021        The Boghossian Foundation Prize Belgium


2021        MOTA 010 Ambiguous Loss, Workspacebrussels, Brussels
2021        MOTA 009 Words on the Ground, Lagrange Points Brussels, Brussels
2021        MOTA 008 Concrete metaphor, SB34 - Clovis, Brussels
2021        Graduation Show 2021 - Master Visual Arts LUCA Brussels, Brussels

2021        Ohmmmmmm, Former project space, Brussels 
2020       MOTA 007 Nomadic Conversation: Under construction, De Markten, Brussels  
2020       Summer residency VGC, GC Nekkersdal, Brussels
2019        SALON#6 Reenactment/Canon, N0dine, Brussels
2019        Project B: Draft 2, Muntpunt, Brussels
2019        SALON#5 (De)constructing memory, Atelier Kito, Brussels
2019        SALON#4 Propositions beyond democracy, Zinnema, Brussels 
2019        SALON#3 Alternative Ways of Production, Tropicana, Brussels
2019        SALON#2 The Body Talking and Writing, Workspacebrussels, Brussels
2019        SALON#1 Why We Keep Doing It, Workspacebrussels, Brussels
2018         Project B: Draft 1, Amusee Vous, Gent