Liselore Vandeput is an artist and social educator based in Brussels. She works with installation and spaces. Using them as tools to organise and understand social and political environments.                        


2019-2021        Master Fine Arts,  Luca school of arts, Brussels
2015-2018        Bachelor Social cultural work, Erasmushogeschool Brussel, Brussels
2012-2016        Bachelor Fine Arts, Luca School of Arts Brussels

Prizes and Funding

2022       VGC Kunsten, Project funding - MOTA 014-015
2022       VGC Kunsten, Project funding - À Ma Chère Arrière Arrière Petite Fille
2022       VGC Kunsten, Project funding - MOTA 011-013 
2022       Arts in Society Award, Demos,  Cera - À Ma Chère Arrière Arrière Petite Fille
2021        The Boghossian Foundation Prize Belgium - The Classroom

Presentations and projects

  • Unplugged!, Groupshow by Radical House, Demos and Cera, GC Elzenhof, Brussels
  • To Marie / Aan marie, Vitrine Raad VGC, Brussels
  • À Ma Chère Arrière Arrière Petite Fille, pesentation moment, SB34 - The Pool, Brussels
  • MOTA 013 Routine Order, Nomadic converdation, LaVallée, Brussels
  • REMINISCENCES, Groupsexhibition, De Zeyp, Brussels
  • MOTA 012: Acute and Alternative, Nomadic conversation. Artist Commons, Brussels
  • MOTA 011: Serious Laughter, Nomadic conversation. N0dine, Brussels
  • Circuit - residency program VGC, Brussels


  • MOTA 007 Under construction, Nomadic conversation. De Markten, Brussels
  • Summer residency VGC, GC Nekkersdal, Brussels

  • SALON#6 Reenactment/Canon, Nomadic conversation. N0dine, Brussels
  • Project B: Draft 2, Performace installation presented within Empathy festival - Citizenne at Muntpunt, Brussels
  • SALON#5 (De)constructing memory, Nomadic conversation. Atelier Kito, Brussels
  • SALON#4 Propositions beyond democracy, Nomadic conversation. Zinnema, Brussels
  • SALON#3 Alternative Ways of Production, Nomadic conversation. Tropicana, Brussels
  • SALON#2 The Body Talking and Writing Nomadic conversation. Workspacebrussels, Brussels
  • SALON#1 Why We Keep Doing It, Nomadic conversation. Workspacebrussels, Brussels

Artist statement 

Under construction