MOTA 000
Ongoing since 2018
Nomadic conversations 
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MOTA 000 is a series of nomadic conversations in Brussels criss-crossing and connecting the city’s artists through their shared questions and enquiries. The aim of MOTA 000 is to create temporary communities around artist-questions, to propose, debate, discuss, share and problematize bursting through disciplinary, linguistic and other precieved borders. To create a porous space to come together in difference around the questions that drive our practices.

MOTA 000 is Liselore Vandeput and Eszter Nemethi, and the artists present. Each month an artist is asked (someone we have met directly or got to know through our open call) to articulate and propose a specific question with us around a theme. The conversations then follow a discursive score to propose, open and debate these questions together.

MOTA 000 is also a discursive score made up of a theme and provocation, a question articulated and briefly proposed, small discussion and a general debate. It is also tea, coffee, beer and olives. A shifting landscape of venues and people, enquiries and points of view.
MOTA 000 strongly believes in hospitality, open doors and our ethical obligation for curiosity.