Southern Oak City Daily News, 2024

When Liselore Vandeput was about 10 years old, she created for herself an imaginary world as an attempt to combine her love for magic and the ambitions she had to become a professional skateboarder, minister of education or journalist. With this last ambition in mind, she made several attempts to create a newspaper, but without any success.

As an adult, Liselore tries to reconnect to the limitless imagination of that time. Though the immersive experience of childhood is no longer there, she now has the tools to finish the projects she once started. The newspaper gives you small amounts of information on what was important to her as a child. Southern Oak City Daily News is an invitation to imagine your own version of the world presented to you while going through the pages.

Imaginary Yellow: Retracing Childhood (10/04-20/04/2024)