2021 -  in progress
Digital drawings, First drafts 

The Motherline is a virtual reality building, mapping and connecting 13 generations of female family history. The project creates spaces in which the stories of these women can be told, expressed or visualised. The doors between different rooms differ in size, based on the time these women had together. The building functions as a playground for storytelling, visualising a personal female family history, adding forgotten stories to collective memory and asking numerous questions on feminine heritage.

The Motherline building as a tool for mapping a personal family history came to exist after failed attempts to understand the connections between different generations of women by drawing timelines and mindmaps. The need for bigger spaces to organise my thought and information and the possibility of creating a physical experience to understand time and space led to virtual reality.

3D renders of a first draft , december 2021

First draft: sketches of my motherline, may 2021