À Ma Chère Arrière Arrière Petite Fille 
Digital space: http://arrierepetitefille.motherline.be/

With Malika Benchama, Fatiha Benomar, Nabiha Bousehabi, Yamina Charrak, Farida El Bannani, Aicha El Kahak, Aouatif Lamarti, Hsina Masrour, Malika Raouf, Meriem Turchi and Zohra Zlima & Liselore Vandeput

In collaboration with the women group of Femma Quartier Peterbos, Liselore Vandeput invites the stories of mothers and grandmothers into her motherline building. Together they search, map and connect individual stories of mothers and grandmothers into a digital space to address an imaginary future generation. The women participating in this project hold a specific position in their surroundings. They might be the last generation to recollect narratives of heritage, culture, language and migration. They form bridges between past and future and hold the answers to questions that might be being proposed long after they are gone.

The motherline building is an ongoing project in which Liselore Vandeput maps and re-creates stories of her female family history. Every space in the building is dedicated to a different generation in her female line. For this project Liselore opens up the room, representing her story to exhibit the stories of the women she works with at Peterbos.

In colaboration with Aziza François and Sina Seifee

Project launch, SB34 - The Pool June 28th 2022

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